Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tot spot and a Fundraising opportunity

The Chelsea Public Library has an opportunity to raise money by offering a discount coupon code for the Bama Jam music & arts festival in Enterprise, Al June 4th -6th. By calling us and getting the code and then ordering online you can save $40 off the ticket price of 179.50. Advanced tickets without the code are 159.50. The Chelsea Library will receive $10 for each code redeemed. The code is valid through April 15th. For more info on the festival go to :

Well there is nothing like a cold to encourage you to try new things. We were suppose to do the letter H today in the Tot Spot but I didn't think that I was going to be able to read to well. So I decided we were going to do an all music day. We had one book that had the cd with it called whopper cake that was read and then we did a couple of songs and pulled out the musical instruments. I had a blast. It was more tiring than reading but I did save my throat. Next week we will pick up on the letter H.

I received a new shipment of books and am working hard to get them on the shelves. Hope to see you soon.

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