Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wow! What a summer!

It is so easy to forget about all the places we use to report what it is going on at the library.  This has been the busiest summer ever!  We closed the library the first of May to relocate to our new building.  The library staff, city maintenance and a handful of volunteers moved the library in exactly 4 weeks. AMAZING! We hit the ground running as soon as we opened the doors because, guess what? Summer Reading!  We didn't have time to recover from the move until we were diving head first into 6 weeks of summer reading.  We operated the first several weeks without telephones. While it was quiet it was hard to do business.  Our wifi took a while to get installed, but we finally are totally up and running. I don't believe we slowed down until....yesterday?  No we haven't slowed down at all.  With our new location we have new patrons and returning patrons.  There is always someone in the library and it is amazing.  If you have not visited please do. We would love to show off our new surrounding.

I mentioned the Summer Reading program.  This was the first year we offered a Teen program.  We had our k-5 programs on Wednesdays and our 6-12 program on Thursdays.  Both programs were a huge success.  We gave away 3 goodie bags to the k-5 group that included a $20 gift card to Books a million.  One teen won a Pocketbook IQ for their grand prize. We can't forget the adult readers. We had more participate than ever. 3 won a goodie bag of travel themed items and one won an Avon gift basket (thanks Geneva).

Hopefully it won't be as long before I update.  We are looking at a teen program on October 28 I am going to be excited to report on.  Also waiting on a grant that will bring in alot of new materials, I can't wait to report on that!

Until next time,
Happy Reading!