Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Reading Program and Stats

It seems like the Summer Reading Program just began and its already over. We had wonderful participation this year. 172 children registered, 10 were from Westover. We had an average attendance of 90 and the week with the highest attendance was for the North Shelby Baptist puppet program, we had 150+ that day. It was standing room only.

114 came to finale. Ashley Clinton, AC Magic) was our program. He did an awesome job. Check out his pictures on the picture feed. John Theabolt from Alabama Snow was here with his shaved ice. We gave away door prizes donated by Playing in the Dirt, Zone 1, Truly Blessed Airbrush, Dawn Wilson and some we purchased. Thanks to all that participated.

We received our stats for the month of June. We set an all time high of 6053 items circulated. We have circulated 36,807 so far...that is a 26% increase over last year. The county as a whole set a record circulation of over 167,000.

Most of you know that we are out of space. Just so you are aware, the City of Chelsea is exploring a couple of options so we can increase our space. Be on the lookout for some kind of news soon. We will not be building for a while so we are looking at alternatives that will give us some breathing room until we can build.

Great year so far and a great summer.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted. Time really flies! We just had the last summer reading program. It was a blast. Ashley Clinton of AC Magic was wonderful. This is just a quick note. I will come back later with stats.