Monday, November 29, 2010

Library Update

They  have been working on the renovation of the Crane House for about 2 weeks.  When you come into the drive you will see that they have started framing for the additions.  Every day that we see progress just reinforces that we will be in our own building in a matter of weeks! 

For those of you that enjoy audiobooks we now have the downloadable audios back on the Shelby County Library website.  Go to There is a huge banner right in the middle of the page.  Click on that and follow the direction.  You will need your library card and your PIN (hint: try your month and day of birth, 4 digits).  You will also have to download the overdrive software to your desktop.  You can check out books for 2 weeks.  Also available are e-books and music.  Try it!

You no longer need a password to access the AVL as long as you are in the state of Alabama.  They have added a geolocater to the site to verify that you are in the state.  If you are in college out of state or are going to be gone and think that you will need access you will need a password.  Come by and we can give you one.

Need help with money for college?  There is a link on the same website that will help in your search for scholorships.  Take a look and see if it will help.

That's all for now,
Have a great week,