Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Are you looking for the first novel in the mystery series you have just discovered? Start at At this site you will be find over 2700 hundred authors and their books(over 30,000) listed in chronological order, both series(3100+) and non-series. This is an excellent site to visit and browse for new authors ( 0r old).

How about reading books online? Some of us prefer to have the actual book in hand and actually turning the paper pages. Those of us that are more computer oriented can find over 5000 free publications that you can read while sitting at your computer. is the place to start. Their database contains alot of the classics and rare books. There is also a subscription service available.

Check out these sites and if you come across other sites that might be of interest to our readers please pass them along. I will check them out and then post them for others.

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